Xeesa SneezeBox
Sneezing Thoroughly for a better health
  Sneezing. Why?
Every person will sneeze at least 1-2 times a day
We often sneeze when we have a cold, allergy or something detected in our body like scent, smell or temperature change. This will trigger the sneeze out from our body.

When we feel we going to sneeze, we have a few or less than 3 secs to react by covering our nose/mouth with our hands or tissue to cover the sneeze due to prevent the virus spreading in the air. In the event of covering, we might have stop or limit the expulsion from the sneeze which may lead to less effective of the sneeze to expulse to bad virus out from our body.

Hence, our body cannot fully or effectively expulse the bad germs/virus out from our body. That is the reason, why some people get flu/sick again shortly.

The best sneeze is to have less obstruction from the nose and mouth, So that the sneeze can purge the toxic out during the expulsion. But the virus will spread in the air if it is not covered or contained.
DIY and use Xeesa SneezeBox to sneeze to the Maximum. Don't hold it!
SneezeBox Sneezing VS Conventional Sneezing
To promote effective throughput sneezing with protection against aerial spreading.
  How does it help?
It can
  • Let you sneeze fully/maximumly instead of holding your sneeze to minimum
  • Promote better expulsion of toxic/bacterial from your lungs
  • Detect and eject virus naturally from your lungs faster with lesser sneeze instead of a few sneeze
  • Save more lives, as toxic is purged out from effective sneeze faster
  • Save more trees as less tissue is used
  • To help preventing virus spreading such as COVID-19, Omicron and other future mutated virus
  • Contain/Limit the sneeze air to the box which prevents virus spreading in the air to other people

  •   Features
  • Easy Maintenance Design
  • Using recycle polypropylene material takeaway food container box with 2 lids cover
  • Easy to Do-It-Yourself
  • Cost effective(Less than 50 cents)
  • Easy to wash after you sneeze
  • Easy to use once you need it

  • SneezeBox Views
      Application Examples
    Suitable for people who stationed at a desk most of the time
  • Office Staff
  • Office Sneezing
    Staff tend to sneeze and spread virus in the office

    Use Xeesa SneezeBox. Virus contained in Sneezebox when user sneeze in Xeesa SneezeBox.

  • Seminar/Classroom Students/Teacher
  • Classroom Sneezing
    Student or Teachers tend to sit close each other. Whenever anyone sneeze, the virus will spread among them

    Put 1 Xeesa SneezeBox under the students/teachers desk. Student/teachers can use it fast when they feel like sneezing. Virus contained in Sneezebox when user sneeze in Xeesa SneezeBox.

  • Counter/Cashiers Staff
  • Counter Sneezing
    Sometimes, the staff at counter may have to sneeze, may not be nice to sneeze in front of customers

    Use Xeesa SneezeBox, to show to customers that they are responsible and respect to the consumers with professionalism.

    Encourage to use in talks, seminars, schools, colleges, universities, offices, churches, concerts or enclosed venue with crowds stationary for a long period.

    Very low cost solution with high effectiveness prevention!
      How to make a Sneezebox?
    Xeesa SneezeBox DIY Steps

  • Material will be the polypropylene takeaway container box and 2 cover lids
  • Cut the U-Shape part away with a scissors for 1 of the cover lid
  • Snap Close this cover lid to the takeway container
  • Close the leftover cover lid on top over the 1st cover lid

  • Xeesa SneezeBox DIY Video
    Steps as easy as ABC, free to create it. No patent, no license needed. It's free for everyone to use.

    How to use Xeesa SneezeBox?

  • Put it somewhere near you (eg; table top, on your shelf, below your chair) which you can reach it within your arm's stretch
  • When you going to sneeze, reach towards your sneezebox
  • Remove the top cover lid easily, place your mouth and nose with your face into the hole of the box
  • Sneeze Hard into it, then cover back the top cover lid will do
  • Wash daily after use if you use it daily

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